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nVidia PureVideo DVDDecoder

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder (NVIDIA DVD Decoder) delivers unmatched color fidelity and smooth DVD, video, and TV viewing
NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is a combination of a hardware video processor and video decode software for playback of DVD and MPEG-2 videos using Microsoft Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center Edition.

Featuring Dolby Digital surround sound audio and hardware-accelerated video on all Microsoft DirectX compatible graphics processors, the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder will deliver unmatched color fidelity and smooth video, DVD and TV viewing.

Here are some key features of "NVIDIA DVD Decoder":

· Enables DVD viewing with Microsoft® Windows Media® Player or Microsoft Windows® Media Center Edition
·Enables TV playback for Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition. (A TV tuner is required to capture and tune the TV channels.)
· High quality MPEG-2 decoder supports any third party software application
· based upon Microsoft DirectShow
· Dolby Digital surround sound decoding
· Minimizes CPU utilization by offloading the MPEG-2 decoding onto the graphics processor
· Enables
playback of ATSC and DVB transport streams in Windows Media Ceter and Windows Media Player.
· Supports Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers allowing end users to transcode MPEG-2 content into Windows Media Video 9
· S/PDIF pass-through for external decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS (compatible hardware required)

Technical Specifications
· Fully compliant ISO MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video and audio decoder
· MPEG-2 acceleration for inverse quantization (IQ), inverse discrete cosine
· transform (IDCT), and motion compensation (mo comp)
· Microsoft DirectShow support
· Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration support
· Microsoft Video Mixing Renderer 7 and 9
· Overlay support
· Sub-picture support
· Transport stream file reader for Windows Media Player and Windows Media
· Center

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder supports all Microsoft DirectX 8.x compatible chips, including:
· NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series
· NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series
· NVIDIA GeForce4 family
· NVIDIA GeForce FX family
· NVIDIA Quadro® family
· NVIDIA Quadro2 family
· NVIDIA Quadro DCC family
· NVIDIA Quadro4 family
· NVIDIA Quadro FX family
· NVIDIA nForce family
· NVIDIA nForce2 family
· ATI® Radeon family
· Intel® i915
· Intel® i865
· Intel® i845G
· Intel i815G/i815EG

Audio Chips Supported:

· NVIDIA nForce Audio
· Creative Labs® Ensoniq Audio PCI
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 PCI
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 +Wa
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster 512 3D
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audig
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audig
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audig
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audig
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5
· Philips® Rhythmic Edge PCI
· Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
· SIIG® Soundwave Pro PCI 32-bit


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